The Best 5 Laptops for Linux To Buy 2020

The Best 5 Laptops for Linux To Buy 2020

best laptops for linuxm, best laptops wtih linux, The Best 5 Laptops for Linux To Buy 2020

    Best laptops for Linux.

    What are the best laptops with Linux on the market? 

    Although the market is dominated by operating systems such as Windows and macOS, with few manufacturers dealing directly with the “penguin”,

    This solution is increasingly appreciated by users and geeks all over the world.

    Indeed, buying a Linux notebook is a more than valid choice from many points of view.

    Although the diversification of the various distributions makes it difficult to delineate the characteristics of Linux,

    There are some characteristics that clearly distinguish this OS compared to fierce competitors.

    The safety, for example, is a determining factor. However, stability and versatility are also predominant factors for those who rely on this type of platform.

    It should not be forgotten that Linux is free and that most distros can boast frequent updates, as well as very active communities and developers.

    In a nutshell, regardless of the preferred distribution, we can safely consider Linux as one of the best operating systems.

    Even before dwelling on laptops that adapt to this OS, we also report articles regarding the best distributions and the best programs always concerning this platform.

    The best Laptops with Linux: why choose this OS for your notebook.

    If Windows and MacBook laptops offer great guarantees of quality and compatibility, why turn your attention to an operating system like Linux?

    Beyond being free, this OS has experienced a remarkable evolution in recent years.

    This made the platform much more attractive than in the past.

    The operation, once rather complex, and the user-friendly interface (especially of some distros), have made Linux within reach of a large slice of users.

    The flexibility of the same is also underlined by the fact that it is present on different models of eBook readers and other devices that go beyond the classic PC.

    It should also be emphasized that an environment of this type is perfect for server use, in addition to the fact that nowadays it is compatible with almost all hardware.

    A further push of users towards Linux was experienced with the cessation of Windows 7 updates.

    In fact, many computers, due to age and technical specifications, cannot adapt to Windows 10.

    As they can no longer use the previous version of the Microsoft operating system, many people are approaching the Linux universe.

    Beyond this brief introduction, let’s analyze which are potentially the best Linux laptops currently on the market.

    Laptop with Linux preloaded or without an operating system?

    If we refer to laptops with the operating system already loaded, we have a minimal choice available.

    The major manufacturers in fact still push strongly towards Windows.

    For those with a minimum of manual skills, however, there is an alternative to buy a device without a pre-installed operating system.

    In this case, you need to have a Linux distribution (on a USB stick or CD / DVD support) and install it when you start the PC for the first time.

    The operation is not particularly complicated, although it varies slightly depending on the distro.

    Obviously, many users prefer to buy a ready-to-use laptop. In this case, the models we are about to list can be an excellent starting point.

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    1 – Acer EX2540-33JJ

    Among the best Linux laptops, we undoubtedly find Acer EX2540, a laptop that is regularly distributed with the operating system featured in this article.

    best laptops for linuxm, best laptops wtih linux, The Best 5 Laptops for Linux To Buy 2020

    It is a strong computer with a 15.6 display, with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The screen supports 3D technology, while the processor is an i3-6006U with a frequency of 2GHz.

    To support the CPU, there are 4GB of DDR4-SDRAM RAM, 500 GB of hard disk and two USB 2.0 ports.

    While not presenting particularly innovative technical specifications, Acer EX2540 manages to provide performance up to the situation thanks to the presence of a functional operating system such as Linux.

    2 – Asus X540NA-GQ017

    Those who choose Linux as the main operating system will usually not use their laptop for gaming.

    So it is possible to opt for cheaper devices that, combined with the aforementioned OS, can still guarantee good performance.

    best laptops for linuxm, best laptops wtih linux, The Best 5 Laptops for Linux To Buy 2020

    For an extremely low figure, in fact, you can buy “Asus X540NA-GQ017”, strong laptop of a rather heavy brand in the sector but at the same time available at a price to say the least.

    The computer in question is presented as extremely compact (2 kilos and dimensions equal to 38.1 x 25.1 x 2.7 centimetres) as well as with a 15.6  display ( resolution 1366 x 768 pixels ).

    The dual-core processor is a 1.1 GHz Intel Celeron, while the available RAM is 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM.

    Finally, the hard disk boasts 500 GB of available space. Therefore, a machine that, although paying considerably at the CPU level, can be considered more than acceptable for those who use the laptop occasionally or for basic tasks.

    3 – Star Lite Linux Mint 19.2 “Tina”

    The “Star Lite Linux Mint 19.2 “Tina” laptop is confirmed as one of the best solutions for the penguin’s operating system in a laptop environment.

    best laptops for linuxm, best laptops wtih linux, The Best 5 Laptops for Linux To Buy 2020

    The Linux Mint distro, on the other hand, is one of the most popular among those currently available.

    The device we are talking about presents itself with super contained dimensions, thanks to the size equal to 28.3 x 19.2 x 1.4 cm and a total weight of about 1.2 kilos.

    The small footprint is also reflected on a display, to say the least reduced, with just 11.6 ” and a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels anyway.

    The processor turns out to be a solid 2.5 GHz quad-core Pentium, while the 8 GB of RAM guarantee more than enough support for its work.

    The hard disk consists of an SSD with a capacity of 240 GB.

    The batteries, according to what the manufacturers said, guarantee 7 hours of autonomy and take one hour to fully charge.

    The Star Lite device is rightfully among the best Linux laptops, offering an ultra-compact agile and powerful, suitable for those who travel a lot and want to have an easy-to-carry laptop available.

    If we add to this an extremely attractive design, it is easy to understand why this computer falls into the list of the “best Linux laptops”.

    4 – Ultrabook MSI 14-600XES

    We remain in the field of super-compact, however, offering an even more powerful device than the previous one.

    best laptops for linuxm, best laptops wtih linux, The Best 5 Laptops for Linux To Buy 2020

    Ultrabook MSI 14-600XES presents itself as one of the most powerful computers to natively offer Linux as an OS. In this sense, in fact, the technical specifications speak somewhat clear.

    It is a laptop with a 14 ā€¯screen, with Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

    The processor is an Intel Comet Lake i5-10210U effectively supported by 16 GB of DDR4 RAM.

    The hard drive supplied is a 512 GB SSD. As mentioned above, despite these characteristics “Ultrabook MSI 14-600XES” still maintains somewhat reduced dimensions:

    we are talking about 32.2 x 22.2 x 1.59 centimetres for a total weight of about 1.2 kilos.

    Given the brand and the technical specifications, the price at which it is offered on the main digital stores is rather attractive.

    5 – Microtech E-Book Pro 14.1

    We conclude the list of the best Linux laptops with “Microtech E-Book Pro 14.1”, a laptop that offers its users the Ubuntu operating system (the penguin distro par excellence).

    best laptops for linuxm, best laptops wtih linux, The Best 5 Laptops for Linux To Buy 2020

    This interesting computer shows a 14.1 “monitor and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

    The processor is an Intel Celeron 2.6 GHz, supported by 4 GB of DDR4 RAM (not expandable).

    A sore point comes from the hard disk, just 32 GB and therefore rather limited.

    Why is this model on this list? Again, the specific gravity of the dimensions makes itself felt.

    With less than 1.5 kilos of weight and dimensions equal to 32.3 x 21.9 x 1.4 centimetres, Microtech E-Book Pro 14.1 is, however, a noteworthy model.

    Obviously, these models represent laptops that, once purchased, are directly ready for use.

    For those who have particular patience and know-how to extricate themselves between the various Linux distros,

    it is possible to extricate themselves even with the best notebooks with Windows.

    These devices do not have an operating system and therefore represent the maximum of ductility.

    They allow those who already have a specific preferred distribution to be able to install it according to their needs.

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