Car insurance: Why Do We Need an Insurance for Our Vehicle?

Driving is not a luxury, but a great responsibility. Even many people consider driving a status symbol, especially in a country like India where people believe in showing off. With increasing income quotas, owning a vehicle is not possible at all. It’s a big problem these days and people can easily afford to have bikes and cars. It not only represents the state of a society but also increases mobility and thus saves time. Driving also eliminates dependence on public transport.

Driving indeed made life enjoyable, but at the same time, it also drives us to live dangerous lives. As someone rightly said: “The route ends in the cemetery”. They only put their own lives at risk, but they also hurt others by exceeding the speed of their vehicles. Daily reports of accidents and deaths in the newspapers are now the order of the day.

People lose their lives in traffic accidents by breaking traffic rules and not adhering to driving ethics. You also endanger other people’s lives. Also, the cost of spare parts coupled with high repair costs is putting your pocket together, showing that you have a good car Insurance policy is essential these days.

Car insurance is mainly taken out for vehicles traveling on the road with the main aim of protecting the vehicle and driver from physical damage in the event of an accident. Factors For Which Buying Car Insurance Is Important:

Required by Law: The number one reason to buy car insurance is that it is required by law. Liability insurance is compulsory according to the Motor Vehicle Act. The police have the right to check your vehicle documents such as PUC, license, and insurance policy at any time. If you cannot provide the documents, you will have problems. Hence, it is advisable to get car insurance before you hit the road.

Loss and damage to the vehicle: We all know that people have no sense of driving and the type of traffic management that we have in our country. Hardly a day goes by when the hits of the vehicles cause damage, the most important of which the reason for getting car insurance is to cover the cost of loss or damage to your vehicle. So it is always good to be safer and get car insurance before riding your bike or car on the road.

Reduce Your Liability – Third Party Liability Car Insurance (TPL) is compulsory in India and will protect you from the legal repercussions of an accident you cause. TPL means that if you cause damage to another person and their property in an accident, the insurance will pay for your treatment and protect you from legal considerations.

Hospitalization: Not all vehicle owners are lucky enough to get just a few cuts and bruises. In an accident. Some accidents put you in a difficult situation and you have to be hospitalized. In this case, your auto insurance will pay the hospital bills instead of paying the high cost of the hospital and treatment out of pocket.

Compensate Your Family After Their Death: Some accidents are so terrible that they result in the death of a car owner, which is the most unfortunate outcome of a car accident. Once the policyholder who deserves assistance passes away, it becomes difficult for their family to meet their daily needs. Therefore, car insurance helps the family to cover costs after an unfortunate event.


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