Webcam chat: the best free websites

Webcam chat: the best free websites

If the boredom is great, there are numerous free webcam chats to pass the time. We show you the best sites on which you are guaranteed to meet many new people.

Best live chat service providers

Free webcam chats: Omegle and Chatroulette

  • In the world of webcam chats, Chatroulette is considered the bedrock. Here you can chat and cam with strangers.
  • Recently, users have to enter an email address on Chatroulette. This is to prevent unwanted behaviour. You can also simply enter a fantasy address to use the service.
  • If you click on the “Start” button above, you must allow access to your webcam. The first chat partner is usually not long in coming. You can continue to search using the “Next” button. Your chat partner will always be chosen at random.
  • Once you have found a friendly contact, you can chat with him or draw small pictures and send them to him.
  • However, the high level of awareness also attracts people who do not always have good or youth-free intentions. Therefore, pay attention to who you are chatting with.
  • An alternative to Chatroulette is Omegle. This service is structured similarly and works according to the same system.

best live chat service providers
Chatroulette: Free webcam chat

Free webcam chat: Chattino

  • A very successful alternative is Chattino: The service has the same functions as its role model Chatroulette but appears much more sorted.
  • Click on the “Start” button and accept the access to your camera. You are good to go.
  • The service collects plus points with a nice feature: You can use the “Country” button to filter your conversation partners by country. For example, you can improve your English skills by allowing only Americans or English to chat with you.


Unfortunately, many users are aware of the following problem: They want to chat with a friend via webcam. But the Skype or ICQ service is on strike again. An online service can help here:

  • On the website, you can open your own room for a webcam chat with any number of people immediately and without registration.
  • Simply enter a name in the input field – for example, “Conference 100”. If the name has not yet been assigned, a new room will be created.
  • In order for your friends to join the room, they must also enter the chat name.
  • The advantage: You can arrange, rotate and adjust the individual webcam windows as you wish.

More providers of free webcam chats

In addition to the large providers, there are also numerous small websites for webcam chats:

  • GrinsChat: Here you can start right away without registration. You will find almost only German users who usually do not want to have obscene conversations.
  • Crazy-Cam: Here you can give short information about yourself, but do not have to register. After a short loading time, you enter the chat room, where you can chat privately as well as publicly.


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