Today,11July, 2023 N-Power Updates: Important information to all Batch C1 and C2 Beneficiaries

Below is the briefing of today’s meeting:

1) As a result of the new administration, N-Power is yet to get fund approval. Therefore N-Power payment date for the months of January, February, March, April, May and June are unknown pending when payment is approved. 

2) Continuation of the Npower programme depends on the new President’s approval.

3) Npower batch c stream 1 beneficiaries yet to receive Npower payment will receive their payment once fund is approved.

4) Npower batch C Stream 1 program has officially ended long ago.

5) Npower payment is ongoing for Npower batch c stream 2 beneficiaries. It is gradually made.

6) Additional Npower payment for 3 months to Npower batch c stream 1 beneficiaries was for Nexit package.


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