Today, March 2, 2023: NPC Training Update: Reads an Important Notice About the Enumerator and Supervisor

The link to check the training venues across the federation will be made available very soon.

NPC classroom things to note

1. Your Android phone is compulsory—get enough data bundles on it.

2. No food for any trainees during recess or break time, but you shall be paid for it after training.

3. Nursing mothers are strictly not allowed.

4. Coming late in the morning is an avenue to sieve you out of the main test or exam.

5. Training commences by 8.30 am and is likely to end by 6 pm every day.

6. The WhatsApp group is compulsory for any class to which you belong or find yourself during the course of the training.

7. Facilitators are to possess the skills to pedagogue the basics for better delivery.

8. PDA is the power… Please, you should know how to operate an Android phone, sir or madam. These are just the snippets to note before you enter the game.


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