The 15 best free 3D design, modelling programs

The 15 best free 3D design, modelling programs

The 15 best free 3D design, modeling programs  8-10 minutes

Sweet Home 3D is for those who want to design their own homerooms. You can make the walls of your rooms, change the colour of the walls, dimensions, furniture (living room, kitchen), also you can insert 3D models that you made or found on different web sites, resize and orient each furniture and view the changes to the design at the same time in the 3D view, you can also print the design.

Draw straight, curved or sloping walls accurately using the mouse or keyboard, insert doors and windows into the walls by drawing them in the drawing, and let Sweet Home 3D calculates the openings, add furniture to the drawing from a list of expandable and searchable features organized in categories such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom. Change the colour, texture, size, thickness, location, and orientation of furniture, walls, floors, and ceilings.

Specify room areas, dimensions, texts in the drawing and place the north through a compass. Insert floor plans of the home to design the walls, 3D models to complete the list, and textures to change the surfaces.

Print and export PDFs, digital images or vector images, video and 3D files to known file types, expand Sweet Home 3D capabilities with Java-based extensions or develop an application development based on its Model View Controller architecture.

2. Visualize and design your dream home with a realistic 3D model. Create the floor plan of your home or apartment, customize colours, textures, furniture, decorations, stairs, and more.

Perfect the floor plan before you start designing a new home or working on a home improvement project. More specifically, you can toggle between 3D viewer, 2D viewer use to insert existing drawings, design outdoor spaces (eg gardens) and many other functions.

3. Live Home 3D is perhaps the most intuitive home design application. Draw detailed 2D floor plans and watch as the structure is automatically constructed in 3D. Design and decorate the interior, optimizing furniture layout and making smart colour choices in a fully functional 3D environment. Live Home 3D automatically creates a 3D image as soon as you draw a drawing. The latter can be built from scratch or traced from an imported image using the application’s intelligent tools.

4. Free software that can help you design and calculate the lighting required in rooms, floors, buildings and outdoors. DIALux is used as a design tool by more than 700,000 lighting designers worldwide, constantly evolving and meeting the requirements of modern lighting design and calculation.

DIALux can perfectly match your existing workflow. It supports many open interfaces and file formats such as IFC, STF, DWG, DXF, IES or LDT. For example, you can use data from different CAD software and create a lighting scheme in DIALux.

With menus in Greek, and forum sign-up capabilities, as well as watching videos and reading instructions on how to work with software, I would say it’s one of the best programs of its kind suitable for engineers and anyone who wants to take care and adequately calculate the precise lighting that the rooms of his home must-have.

However, it should be noted that although the program, in general, is not particularly difficult, it nevertheless needs to have at least some basic knowledge and some relevant design experience so as not to lose sight of it. You can still download the app for Android and iOS though in this case, you will not have the multitude of features that the desktop version has. However, with this app, you can collect information about a room and create a lighting system.

5. FreeCAD is a parametric three-dimensional open source modeller designed primarily to be able to design objects of any size. Parametric modelling allows you to easily modify your design by changing its parameters.

It allows you to draw 2D shapes with limited geometry that you can use as a base for making other objects. It contains many components for dimensioning or extracting design details from 3D models to create high-quality ready-made designs.

Reads and writes to file formats such as STEP, IGES, STL, SVG, DXF, OBJ, IFC, DAE and many more, making it easy to integrate into your work.

6. POWERFUL and FREE 3D creation software tool that is not only easy to use but has rich functionality. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, DaDaz Studioz Studio enables you to create stunning 3D. It is used to produce images as well as videos. Views can be made using either the 3Delight rendering engine or the Iray rendering engine, both of which are available for free with Daz Studio or with a variety of third-party plug-ins added.

Daz Studio also supports importing and exporting various file formats for 3D objects and animations to allow the use of other 3D content in Daz Studio, as well as to download content from Daz Studio for use in other 3D applications. You must first register to download the application.

7. Bforartists is a free integrated 3D suite for 3D content creation. It offers you the complete 3D technique assistant to create game graphics, movies, and photos. From modelling, sculpture, texture, animation, rendering, to post-processing. As with Blender, it is open-source software available for free. Please note that Bforartists is fully functional without any restrictions. As with any similar application to work with it you need to have some familiarity with such software. On its creator page, you will, of course, find the manual needed to start learning it.

8. DELFTship Free is a fully functional modelling program perfect for students, single users or anyone else interested in designing a boat and of course as its name suggests it is available for free! The split surfaces used by DELFTship allow rapid modelling of the most complex shapes in a very flexible way. Combine this with a very intuitive user interface and the same reporting tools as DELFTship Professional and you will design professional craft in no time!

You can use DELFTship free to model every type of boat. The program is limited to hulls that are symmetrical with respect to the central plane. Perform basic hydrostatic and resistance calculations. Use the Lackenby hull form transform to automatically configure parameters such as the shift and the longitudinal centre of buoyancy.

It can export to various 2D / 3D file formats (.STL, .DXF, .OBJ, .GHS etc.). Although it does not have some of the most advanced model features of DELFTship Professional, files created with any version of the program are fully compatible with each other.


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