SSD vs hard drive – Difference between solid state drive and hard drive

What’s the difference between SSD and HDD

SSD vs hard drive – Difference between a solid-state drive and hard drive

When you buy a new computer, you are often overwhelmed by technical terms. Some computers have an SSD hard drive, some have an HDD, and some have both.

But what’s the difference? In this article, we explain it to you.

– Difference between SSD and HDD

– SSD and HDD difference

SSD vs hard drive - Difference between solid state drive and hard drive
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– The Difference between SSD and HDD
– HDD and SSD: This is the difference between the hard drives

  • The abbreviation “SSD” means “Solid State Drive” and is a storage medium without moving parts. “HDD”, on the other hand, means “hard disk drive” and refers to a conventional hard disk.
  • While conventional HDDs store data on rotating magnetic disks, SSDs store the data on so-called flash memory chips. This means that SSDs have no moving parts.
  • Because SSDs have no moving parts, they are completely silent and insensitive to vibrations. They are also smaller and lighter. However, speed is definitely an important advantage over conventional hard disks: SSDs have significantly shorter access times and higher data rates.
  • A big advantage of HDDs is definitely the price: normal hard drives are still a lot cheaper than SSDs. With small storage capacities this may not be so important, but storing larger amounts of data on SSDs is uneconomical.

   For example, 1 TB of hard drive space on Amazon costs around $45 For an SSD of this size, you have to calculate at least $140.

I hope this post differentiate you between HDD and SDD, The Next Thing we learn now is “How to clone HDDs to SSDs”

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Clone HDD to SSD

SSD vs hard drive - Difference between solid state drive and hard drive

Moving from an HDD to an SSD is not complicated. This practical tip shows you how you can clone the hard disk without much effort.

1- First, download and install the free Partition “clone HDD to SSD software” wizard tool.

2 – An HDD usually has more storage space than an SSD. It is best to clean up your hard drive before moving. It is also always good to have a backup of the most important data.

3 – Connect your SSD to your computer with a USB SATA adapter and open the Partition Wizard.

4 – Click on “Wizards” and then on “Migrate OS to SSD / HD Wizard” and select the SSD as the target drive.

5 – Next, you can adjust the size of the partitions or use the partitions on the HDD as a guide.

6 – Click “Next” and then “Finish” to complete the process.

Now the HDD has cloned onto the SSD.


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