Secure five PC games on Amazon Prime for free : Just For Few Hours

 Amazon Prime Customer free Offer Again.

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Best amazon prime deals Offer.

Amazon is currently distributing gifts to Prime customers again: As a Prime subscriber, you will receive five free games for a few more hours. To secure it, all you have to do is link your Amazon account to Twitch. Techboke explains in this article how this works and which games you get during the campaign.

Amazon offers its Prime subscription customers a whole host of different benefits. One of them is a monthly gift in the form of video games, which you get from Twitch: By April 1st, you will get five games completely free. An additional Twitch membership is not necessary. Find out which games are free in the next section.

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Twitch Prime: The free games in February

Amazon Prime Customer free Offer Again, Free Amazon Games 2020, amazon prime day deals. best amazon prime deals

The following five titles are available for free download in March:

  • Bomber Crew: The funny mix of flight simulator, strategy and shooter comes in a comic style and allows you to put together your own crew for your military bomber. You will then be sent on various missions.
  • Whispers of a Machine: The science fiction adventure sends you on a dangerous journey through a dystopian world. You slip into the role of an agent who investigates a murder case – and soon discover that there is a large conspiracy behind it.
  • Mugsters: In this physics-based puzzle, you handle explosives and traps to get away from your enemies. An explosive multiplayer mode is also integrated here.
  • Furi: It’s all about action – you have to fight your way through fast, reactive sword duels. The title also scores with cool arenas that give the fights a special atmosphere.
  • Epistory – Typing Chronicles: This title gives you a special RPG – it’s all about writing. In a lovingly designed world, you control your protagonist by typing words on the keyboard and solving exciting puzzles.
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Amazon Prime: the benefits of membership

The Prime subscription, which guarantees free shipping on Amazon, among other things, costs $8.9 per month for monthly billing, and $76 for twelve 12 months which is annual billing. In recent years, Amazon has significantly expanded the benefits of Prime membership – there are exclusive special offers and access to the Prime Music, Prime Video and Prime Photos services.

So far, Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus have been the first point of contact for gamers: for a monthly fee, Microsoft and Sony networks regularly provide subscribers with new games. With Amazon and Twitch, there’s now a competitor that’s particularly interesting for PC gamers.

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