Samsung rolls out an important Android patch : Software update for Galaxy smartphones

    Software update for Galaxy smartphones

    Software update for Galaxy smartphones: Samsung rolls out an important Android patch.

    Samsung is rolling out the April update for the first Galaxy smartphones. The patch fixes 14 critical and 39 high vulnerabilities, so you should install the update as soon as possible as soon as it is available for your device. For which Galaxy smartphones the update is already being rolled out, read in the further text.

    As part of its monthly patch program, Google also released a security update for Android in April that closes many security holes discovered in the previous month – information about this can be found directly at Google. Samsung also grabs the monthly updates and adjusts them for the in-house Galaxy smartphones.

    The updates usually appear first for the top models, but many older devices still receive patches.

    The April update fixes several security holes in the Android operating system, 14 of which are classified as critical and 39 as high. The detailed content of the April patch can be found on the Samsung website.

    How to Samsung update?

    Samsung is now making the update available for download for the first smartphone models, including the Galaxy S20 and S10 smartphones as well as the Galaxy Note 10, Note 9 and Note 8. The rollout has already started for the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy A50, as reported by SamMobile among others; According to Cauchy’s blog, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus should also already received the update.

    More Galaxy models are likely to follow soon; a list of all the mobile phones that are likely to receive the patch can be found in the further text.

    So that your device is protected against the security vulnerabilities, you should install the offered updates promptly. Installation is usually over-the-air, i.e. without the smartphone has to be connected to a computer. A corresponding note informs users about the availability of security updates. Alternatively, it is possible to check manually in the system settings whether updates are available. Please also note that updates are often played out in several waves and made available at different speeds from country to country – so it is possible that the update will only be available at a later date. If possible, you should also download the update from the WLAN to save data, since the updates usually span several hundred Mbytes.

    In order not to expose yourself to an unnecessary security risk, it makes sense to install available security updates immediately after they are released. These updates usually do not include new functions – but there are exceptions. For example, Samsung gave its top smartphones some new camera functions such as an integrated QR code scanner with a security update last year.

    Samsung Galaxy phones:

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    These smartphones get the update:

    On a support page, Samsung provides information about smartphones that receive regular security updates. The monthly updates, therefore, appear for the following models:

    • Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra (as well as the respective 5G models)
    • Galaxy S10 (5G), S10 Plus and S10e
    • Galaxy S10 Lite
    • Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus
    • Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy S8 Active
    • Galaxy Note 10 (5G) and Galaxy Note 10 Plus (5G)
    • Galaxy Note 9
    • Galaxy Note 8
    • Galaxy Fold
    • Galaxy Z Flip

    Enterprise models:

    • Galaxy A5 (2017)
    • Galaxy A8 (2018)
    • Galaxy A50
    • Galaxy Xcover4s
    • Galaxy XCover FieldPro

    Other devices are said to occasionally receive security updates, according to Samsung; In the past, Samsung also stated that it released irregular updates in critical cases, at least for certain popular models such as the Galaxy S6. You can find out how long your Galaxy smartphone will receive regular updates via this article: Support off for Galaxy smartphones: Which Samsung phones will soon no longer receive updates.


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