Rust Console Edition for PS4, Xbox One announced to release in May 2021

Game developer Double Eleven has introduced that Rust will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in May this year.

The developer shared the information through the game’s official blog. The console versions of the now seven-year- old multiplayer survival game will release on May 21 for PS4 and Xbox One. The game also can be performed on PS5, Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility.

While the console model of Rust is primarily based totally off the PC version that launched in 2013 through early access, the developer stated that the console versions have been “designed and optimised for a totally separate and unique console player experience”.

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The game will soak up around 4.5GB of RAM on consoles, as compared to an average of 20GB on PCs for best performance. The console version may also include loading times of “ around one minute give or take”.

The developer shared that for its first console test version, “the initial load took as much as 45 minutes to read and decompress the enormous procedural map and its property into memory”.

However, those updates will “ comply with their own update roadmap” that defers from the PC version to “ offer an most excellent player experience while steadily introducing players tot he vast quantity of game play and content”.

The game’s pre-order site additionally reveals that Deluxe and Ultimate versions might be made available. The Deluxe and Ultimate editions vary in their bonus packages, however come with three days early access, and beta access to be able to start in April.


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