Officials Answers to Why is my Payroll empty, Issues of FAILED PAYMENT, Invalid Password or Access Denied, Why are some details still missing in my dashboard

The National President of Npower Beneficiaries Association  directed me to address these key issues and some of the problems encountered by Beneficiaries most of which are solely due to the recent transition from NASIMS initial website to the new upgraded site. I took it upon myself and placed a call to NASIMS customer care and these are the answers they provided.

(1)—- Why is my Payroll empty?

Issue of empty Payroll affects majorly these categories of Beneficiaries, The “Applicants” who recently turned themselves into Beneficiaries and the “Shortlisted” who metamorphosed into Beneficiaries during the transition processes, these sets of  people need to exercise patients and stay glued to their dashboard as their payment informations will gradually be uploaded into the self service Portal once the process of transition is completed and payment initiated. This is just a matter of time as there is no need to panick because once you are already a “Beneficiary” you are entitled to payments.

(2)– Issues of “FAILED PAYMENT” 

When your Payment data is displaying either “Failed Payment, Invalid Account, transaction unsuccessful or Failed transaction” for any of the months which you were supposed to have been paid, then the case is a simple network issue that has to do with monetary transfer by your financial institution at that time provided you have received at least one month Stipends using the same bank account. But If you’ve not been able to receive any stipends and the payment information for all the months you were supposed to have been paid displayed “Failed Payment or transaction unsuccessful” then something is literally wrong with the account number you provided. The only option left for Beneficiaries having this problem is to contact NASIMS self service agents to edit and change their bank accounts or wait for the payments to be re-initiated if you are sure that the account you provided is correct.

(3)– “Invalid Password or Access Denied”

Those who fall under this category need not panic. There are two reasons why this message is popping up anytime you try to access your dashboard:::

1– You may be entering your email and/or your passport incorrectly.

2– Your details have not been migrated into the new self service Portal and hence you are expected to wait for sometime.

(4)— Why are some details still missing in my dashboard

The reason is that transition process is still in progress and all your details will re-appear once the process is completed. You are advised not to edit or tamper with your dashboard for now.


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