Nubia Red Magic 5G in the test, Price and Full Review 2020

Nubia Red Magic 5G in the test, Price and Full Review 2020

Nubia Red Magic 5G in the test, Price and Full Review 2020

Nubia Red Magic 5G in the test: A gambler cell phone with a fan.

    Nubia Red Magic 5G Review, Test and Price.

    The Nubia Red Magic 5G is not a smartphone for everyone. Instead,

    it is specifically aimed at mobile gamers who want more than just the latest processor for gaming. 
    And that starts with the design language: The device is in – let’s say – exotic packaging. 
    The cell phone is also quite striking: red accents, a glowing “Red Magic” lettering and a flashing company logo adorn the back. 
    Also, a striking 5G lettering reveals that this smartphone also supports the new network as standard.

    Nubia Red Magic 5G Sides view

    The manufacturer makes full use of the space on the sides of the smartphone: 

    Nubia Red Magic 5G in the test, Price and Full Review 2020

    there is a docking port on the left for an accessory that you can use to plug in a second pair of headphones, a USB-C cable and even a LAN cable for faster internet.

    A button in the upper left corner activates game mode. 

    Nubia Red Magic 5G in the test, Price and Full Review 2020

    It not only concentrates the entire performance of the smartphone on one game but also activates air cooling. 
    Nubia Red Magic 5G in the test, Price and Full Review 2020

    A fan blows a constant airflow through the two openings on the right and left, which cools the hardware and prevents overheating.

    Nubia Red Magic 5G in the test, Price and Full Review 2020

    Nubia Red Magic 5G in the test, Price and Full Review 2020

    The fan is practically inaudible. You only notice it when you hold your ear to your cell phone. 
    There are also two touch buttons on the edge of the smartphone.

    In landscape format and with supported games, you can perform actions.

    Nubia Red Magic 5G in the test, Price and Full Review 2020

    Nubia Red Magic 5G: a real gaming display.

    Of course, the right display is also essential for gaming fun.

    That is why Nubia uses a very large 6.8-inch OLED display with a refresh rate of 144 Hertz for the Nubia Red Magic 5G. 
    This means that the refresh rate is the same as that of a real gaming monitor. No other smartphone has had such a high refresh rate so far. 
    However, the display edges are not quite as thin as in many other modern smartphones. 
    Especially at the top and bottom of the display, the screen area does not quite reach the edges of the cell phone. 
    However, this also makes it easier to grip the smartphone in landscape format without accidentally touching the touchscreen.

    When it comes to colour, the display of the Nubia Red Magic 5G convinces all along the line: the gaming smartphone covers a whopping 153 per cent of the standard RGB colour space and it also fully shows the DCI-P3 colour space. 

    This means that it can basically reproduce HDR content in full colour. The contrast of 157: 1 is also appealing. 
    Furthermore, the display with manual up to 489 cd / m² and under bright light up to 739 cd / m² is also suitable for gaming on the go. 
    Only the Full HD Plus resolution (2,340 x 1,080 pixels) results in a unsurpassedly high pixel density of 381 PPI. 
    This makes no noticeable difference in everyday use.

    For some users, however, not using the Widevine L1 DRM technology can lead to a significantly greater restriction. 

    This is necessary to be able to enjoy Netflix not only in HDR quality but also in HD resolution. But that’s not all: 
    The Nubia Red Magic 5G doesn’t seem to be approved for downloading the Netflix app from Google’s Play Store, at least we couldn’t find the app in April 2020 via the Nubia in the Google Store. 
    After all, Netflix could be downloaded as an APK file and installed manually.

    The image quality is not outstanding, but it is still okay. 

    In the YouTube app, however, videos could be played in the best HDR quality and Full HD resolution.

    Nubia Red Magic 5G in the test, Price and Full Review 2020

    A real stress test for the battery

    A 4,500 mAh battery inside the Nubia Red Magic 5G has to hold up enough energy for hours of gaming. 

    It is not uncommon for a gambler to be put to the test in everyday life: 144 Hertz, activated loudspeakers, high stress on the CPU and memory and active air cooling.

    In our runtime test, the smartphone was able to run 11:15 hours below 60 Hertz and 9:07 hours below 144 Hertz with one battery charge. 

    practical test also shows: With more complex games, and activated fan and the activated 144 Hertz repetition rate, the battery performance drops significantly more rapidly. 
    The nine hours of continuous use are then no longer possible.

    After all, the Nubia Red Magic 5G can be easily charged while gaming. 

    The accessory dock even makes this task even easier by guiding the USB-C cable down and out of the way. 
    The air cooling keeps the battery at a moderate temperature level. 
    The included power adapter has a nominal output of 18 watts, which means that a complete charge takes 110 minutes – provided the smartphone is not used in parallel. 
    After half an hour, 30 per cent are on the clock again. Wireless charging does not work with the Nubia Red Magic 5G.

    Nubia Red Magic 5G in the test, Price and Full Review 2020

    The supreme discipline of a gaming cell phone: performance

    If a gaming smartphone has to prove itself in a particular category, it’s the performance. 

    It is therefore not surprising that Nubia uses the currently most powerful processor in the Android range, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, in its Nubia Red Magic 5G. 
    It achieves a clock rate of up to 2.84 gigahertz under full load and distributes its tasks to eight computing cores. There are also eight gigabytes of RAM.

    In the laboratory test, the cell phone achieved a speedy 3.4 seconds charging time. 

    The benchmark test also speaks volumes: The Nubia Red Magic 5G achieved 13,804 points in the PCMark benchmark, a top score. 
    It is therefore not surprising that the performance in practice test does not give rise to any criticism. 
    The Nubia mobile phone also loads complex 3D games without any problems, and the gaming experience is consistently smooth.

    Nubia Red Magic 5G in the test, Price and Full Review 2020

    Photo quality: not for dim light

    When it comes to the camera, Nubia has implemented several savings measures with the Nubia Red Magic 5G. 

    The main camera system consists of a 64-megapixel main camera, an ultra-wide-angle lens and a macro camera. 
    None of the camera lenses is optically stabilized. The gaming mobile phone supports video recordings with a resolution of up to 4K at 60 frames per second.

    The image results in daylight are convincing: the camera reproduces details well, and the colours also look realistic. 

    However, the good image quality dwindles in dim lighting situations. 
    If the smartphone is stationary, there is still something to do with the pictures; however, if you shoot from the free hand, the quality is inferior. 
    After all, the selfie pictures are fine, but the lack of autofocus makes it difficult to create a sharp picture.

    Nubia Red Magic 5G in the test, Price and Full Review 2020

    Nubia Red Magic 5G: Complete package with a few gaps

    The Nubia Red Magic 5G comes from the factory with the latest Android 10 Q. 

    The manufacturer also gives the surface with “Red Magic OS 3.0” a gamer look and some useful additional functions. 
    The smartphone also comes with a headphone jack, which is certainly very useful for gaming.

    WiFi 5 (WiFi ac) and WiFi 6 (WiFi ax), as well as current Bluetooth 5.1, are also on board. 

    The smartphone also supports the new 5G network standard as standard and comes with dual SIM functionality.

    Nubia Red Magic 5G in the test, Price and Full Review 2020

    The internal memory offers 128 gigabytes but is not expandable. 
    Nubia is also not protected against water and dust. The dual speakers, which are certainly also important for gaming, are again very good, even if they lack a bit of bass.

    For biometric unlocking methods, there is a fingerprint sensor under the display of the Nubia Red Magic 5G. 

    However, he sits a little far below and needs several attempts here and there until the finger is really recognized. 
    Accordingly, you should also pay attention to which screen protector you use, as the functionality of the sensor could be impaired even further with an incorrect film.
    Fortunately, a protective film from Nubia itself is already applied at the factory. The price of the smartphone is very fair 579 euros.

    Nubia Red Magic 5G Price

    Nubia Red Magic 5G Price In Nigeria;

    In Nigeria, Nubia Red Magic 5G cost you about 198,000 Naira, and in Kenya will cost 56,00 Ksh while in Ghana costs about 3,000 Ghs.

    Nubia Red Magic 5G Price In India;

    Nubia Red Magic 5G Expected to release on 11, Jun 2020, and at the price of Rs. 40,290.

    Nubia Red Magic Price In Pakistan;

    However price of Nubia Red Magic 5G in Pakistan is Pkr 41,999, it will be released soon.

    Nubia Red Magic Price In Bangladesh;

    The Nubia Red Magic 5G price  in Bangladesh is BDT 61,110 for 12GB + 256GB, BDT 56,260 for 12GB + 128GB and BDT 52,380 for 8GB + 128GB.

     Nubia Red Magic 5G Features

    Advantages Disadvantages
    Very smooth display (144 Hertz display) Camera quality in low light conditions
    Strong performance No IP certification
    Active air cooling Limited HDR support

    Complete Test data Table for Nubia Red Magic 5G

    Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
    NFC: and
    Random access memory: 8 GByte
    SAR value:
    WLAN: 802.11 n, ac, ax
    Thickness: 10,6 mm
    Height x width: 169 x 78 mm
    Times: and
    Display: Refresh rate: 144 Hz
    Weight: 218 grams
    Memory card slot:
    Battery: Capacity: 4.500 mAh
    Processor clock: 2.840 MHz
    Firmware-Version: V3.06
    Benchmark: GFX-Bench: 21.0 Images / s
    LTE: Supported frequency bands: 800, 1.800, 2.600 MHz
    SIM-Slot: Nano-SIM⧸Nano-SIM
    Android Go:
    Bluetooth: 5.1
    Processor cores: 1+3+4
    Camera: autofocus: and
    Camera: Megapixels: 16,1 Megapixel
    LTE: speed: 2.000 Mbit/s
    Display: Size in millimeters: 72 x 156 mm
    Camera: Optical image stabilizer:
    Battery pack: 1.5
    Notification display: LED (multicoloured)
    USB port: Typ-C-USB 3.1
    Tested on: 16.04.2020
    Display: Pixel density: 381 PPI
    Display: Typ: YOU ARE
    Camera: Resolution: 1.808 Lp/Bh
    Display resolution: 2.340 x 1.080 Pixel
    Tested with: Android 10.0
    Benchmark: PCMark: 13,804 points
    Product: Nubia Red Magic 5G
    Camera: 2.9
    Battery: Charging time: 01:50 hours
    Battery: Online runtime: 11:15 hours
    Fast charging power supply included: and
    Wireless charging:
    Headphone output: 3.5mm jack
    5G capable: and
    Display: 1.7
    Battery: battery charge after 30 minutes: 30 percent
    Display: Contrast in ambient light: 52 : 1
    Power: 1.3
    Free space: 109,5 GByte
    Camera: Noise: 2,2 VN1
    Camera: slow motion (HD / Full-HD): 480 fps (720p) / 240 fps (1.080p)
    Loading time: PDF via WLAN: 3.4 seconds
    Dual-Sim: me (5G / 4G)
    Camera: Brutto-Megapixel des Sensors: 64 Megapixel
    Display: Diagonale: 6.8 inches
    Front camera: resolution: 8,0 Megapixel
    Camera: max. Video resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (60 frames per second)
    Furnishing: 2.2
    Nominal storage: 128 GByte
    Display: Brightness: 739,4 cd / m²
    Display: checkerboard contrast without ambient light: 157 : 1
    Dust and water protection:
    Display: diagonal (additional display):
    Display: sRGB color space: 153 %
    Display: Color compartment DCI-P3: 100 %
    Biometric unlocking: Fingerprint sensor, face recognition
    Camera: Expert assessment Image quality: 3.0 (satisfactory)


    The Nubia Red Magic 5G is clearly aimed at mobile gamers: Active air cooling, a docking port and two gaming buttons are just a few of the additional features for gamers. 

    There is also a 144 Hertz display and a very strong performance. 
    However, you shouldn’t have too high expectations of the camera and there are gaps in the equipment here and there.


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