NITDA/Coursera Scholarship Cohort 2 form for young Nigerians is now available

NITDA/Coursera Scholarship Cohort 2 form for young Nigerians is now available

NITDA and Coursera have collaborated to offer learning scholarships to Nigerian citizens, providing them with the opportunity to obtain professional certifications from renowned multinational tech companies and top-ranked US universities. The scholarships are divided into two categories. 

Category A, the IT Career Pathway, offers 19 professional certification programs, each consisting of a series of courses designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills for a successful IT career. 

Category B, the Complementary Skills Pathway, offers four certification programs to enhance IT skills and proficiency in digital productivity tools, entrepreneurship, or freelancing. Successful applicants will receive a Coursera license for six months to complete their chosen certification program.

Summary Table for Required Information

Required Information Answer
Full Name [Enter your answer]
Email address [Enter your answer]
Age Range [Select your answer]
Gender [Select your answer]
Phone Number [Enter your answer]
Current address [Enter your answer]
State of Origin [Select your answer]
Highest Educational Qualification [Select your answer]
Employment Status [Select your answer]
Name of Organization/Institution [Enter your answer]
IT Career Pathway (CATEGORY A) [Choose one from the options]
Complementary Skill Pathway (CATEGORY B) [Choose one from the options]
Completed Coursera Course [Enter your answer]
Reason for being a strong scholarship candidate [Enter your answer]

How to apply 

Interested applicants can apply via the below link address


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