Mi TV E43K – Xiaomi introduces Smart TV for less than 140 euros

Mi TV E43K – Xiaomi introduces Smart TV for less than 140 euros.

Mi TV E43K - Xiaomi introduces Smart TV for less than 140 euros
image: Gizmochina 

Xiaomi’s price war goes into the next round. After the Chinese manufacturer has already shaken up the smartphone market with its cheap telephones, it seems that they want to try the same thing with TVs. The new smart TV from the Chinese manufacturer costs just 140 euros. But what do you get for the money?

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is currently on everyone’s lips. In recent years, the company has launched a rocket especially in the smartphone area – now they want to transfer this success to other areas.

As the Chinese website Gizmochina reports, Xiaomi has introduced a new television in China, which turns out to be a small price-performance breaker.

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Xiaomi Mi TV E43K

The smart TV is called Xiaomi “Mi TV E43K” and costs just 1,099 yuan – the equivalent of around 139 euros.

For this, you get a 43 inch TV with very thin edges and full HD resolution. Users can wirelessly transmit videos, pictures and other content to the TV via WLAN.

These and other smart functions are made possible by a dual-core processor and 1 GB RAM. So really powerful hardware does not seem to be in the Chinese TV, but that should be enough for the playback of Full HD content. There is also 8 GB of internal memory.

How much of it is occupied ex-works and whether it can be used to store a series of films on it is not yet known.

If you spend the equivalent of 12 euros, you can use the X, C or A model of the TV. In contrast to their cheaper brother, these models all offer a Bluetooth connection, which is used for remote control. With the E43K, on the other hand, the remote control runs with infrared.

Xiaomi Mi TV E43K: price and availability in Europe

Xiaomi really does not offer a high-quality Smart TV with the Mi TV E43K, but for a small price of just 140 euros, the TV could still be interesting for some people.

However, there is currently no information about when or whether the Chinese TV will find its way to Europe. As a result, no exact statement can yet be made about the price.

One thing is certain, as cheap as in China, the Xiaomi Mi TV would certainly not be offered in some country.

Xiaomi Mi TV E43K price in India.

The “Mi Tv E43k Price in India” is Rs. 11,700, Product name: Mi TV E43K.

Xiaomi Mi TV E43K price in Pakistan.

The “Mi Tv E43k Price in India” is Rs. 25,000, Product name: Mi TV E43K


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