Is Your NPC Show Pending Before? If yes, you can now recheck it

We have received your request on how to recheck the NPC approval status due to the fact that the portal is not working live. Do you know that the NPC portal is now working?

Here, I’m going to share with you a simple way to check your NPC approval status, especially for those who have checked before and found it to be processing or disapproved. As I always mentioned, the only browser that can access the portal is the Phoenix Browser. Follow us here for the simple steps.

Browse to use: Phoenix Browser

Download: Download Phoenix Browser Here

How To Check Approval Status and Submit Bank Account Details

i. Step 1: Click on the link address you can copy the link address and paste it into the Phoenix Browser

ii. Step 2: Press on Check “Application Status

iii. Step 3: “Enter Your Application Code” or NIN Number in the space provided

iv. Step 4: Press on “PROCEED” give some minutes to load due to network

v. Step 5: Checkout “Application Status: which among Pending or Approved

vi. Step 6: if Application Status was “Approved” press on Submit Bank Details

vii. Step 7: Enter your Account Number, Select Account Type & Select Bank Name.

Is Your NPC Show Pending Before? If yes, you can now recheck it

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