iPhone shortcuts – you should know these shortcuts

iPhone shortcuts – you should know these shortcuts.

    You can do one or more tasks faster with a shortcut. These consist of individual actions that you can combine with each other.

    There are already various shortcuts on the iPhone. You can also create your own using the shortcut app. With automation, these can also be triggered by events.

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    iPhone shortcuts

    This is how shortcuts work on iPhone

    Shortcuts help you get things done faster on iPhone. This includes, for example, having the route to an event automatically called up in the calendar.

    If you want to save your own shortcuts in addition to the existing shortcuts, you can do this via the iPhone shortcuts app. Here you have to define actions that make up a shortcut.

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    Steps to Set Shortcuts on iPhone

    • In the iPhone shortcuts app, you will also find a gallery where you can select and add commands that have already been completed.
    • However, if you want to create a command yourself, open the app and tap the icon with the four rectangles to open the library.
    • Then tap the “Plus” in the top right corner to create a shortcut.
    • Here you can now select actions to be included in the command. You can change the order of the actions using drag & drop.
    • You can also repeat or undo a step using the curved arrow icons. Use the “X” to delete an action.
    • Press “Play” to test the shortcut. Confirm your selection with “Done“.


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