How to sync android device to windows 10

How to sync the android device to windows 10

There is no denying the usefulness of synchronizing mobile devices with your computer to transfer and share data and settings.

Windows Phone devices have the full support of synchronization features with Windows 10 computers, but can the same integration also be with Android devices?.

The question is legitimate if you have an Android smartphone and use a Windows 10 PC. Well yes, synchronization is possible and can also be done in a very simple way.

Follow this guide and you can synchronize Android with Windows 10 easily without cables, in WiFi mode.

    How to sync android device to windows 10

    How to sync Android with Windows 10

    If you have an Android device and want to synchronize data with your computer, you can easily make this communication with the Windows 10 PC in WiFi mode using a free tool made available by Microsoft.

    This method allows you to synchronize photos and SMS, make and receive calls from your PC, receive notifications.

    If you have the latest version of Windows 10, the “Your phone ” app should already be installed on your PC.

    In the strange possibility that it is not, you can easily install it from the Microsoft Store.

    Like all other similar third-party apps that create a connection between your devices, you will also need the “Your Phone Complement ” app on your Android smartphone, available on the Google Play Store.

    Although the official Play Store page of the app mentions compatibility with Android 4.4 and later as a prerequisite, we cannot guarantee it.

    We have tested the app on Android 7.0 and above and we can assure you that it works perfectly.

    Steps to sync Android phone with Windows 10

    Obviously, install the “Your phone” app on your Windows 10 PC if it is not already installed. It will only work if you have Windows 10 version 1809 or later. If you are unsure, you can check the version of Windows in Settings> System> About.

    Press the Windows key on the keyboard, search for the ” Your phone ” app and start it.

    • You will be greeted by a nice blank page with only the choice of the type of device.
    • Now you will have to select “Android” to synchronize your Android phone and then click Continue.
    • At this point, a page opens where it shows you how to download the app on your Android phone.
    • It tells you to go to, but you can also download it from the Play Store from the link indicated above.
    • After installing the “Your Phone Complement” app on your Android phone.
    • Go to your computer and select: “Yes, I have finished installing Your Phone Complement“. Then click on “Open code and matrix“. The page with the instructions for connecting the phone to the computer will appear. Follow the steps indicated and from your phone scan the QR code that appears on your computer.
    • To scan the code, on the phone click on: “Is a QR code available on the PC? ”Give consent when it asks you to give access to the camera and click on Allow.
    • After scanning the QR code on the PC with the phone’s camera, on the mobile device, you must click on Continue to give four other necessary permissions. Give all the required consents by clicking always on Allow.
    • In the end, it asks you to stay connected to allow Photos and SMS to update in the background. Continue by clicking on Continue.

    Now the phone checks to verify the data to be synchronized.

    It is important to check that your phone and computer are connected to the same WiFi network.

    At the end of the check, you can check the completion of the data synchronization on the PC and phone with the appearance of the final screen.

    From your computer, you can perform a number of functions. From the side menu, you can choose to receive notifications, messages, synchronize and view photos and make receive calls from the PC.

    That’s all. With this app from Microsoft, you can synchronize Android with Windows 10 and perform a series of interesting operations while you are working on the computer and you don’t want to take your hands off the keyboard. Or have all the photos taken with the phone within easy reach of a PC.


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