How to make phone calls from computer: Super Guide 2020

How to make phone calls from computer?

Many people need to get used to working from home and, depending on the job, it is necessary to make calls. If you don’t want to hang on your phone all day or prefer to keep your work on your computer and your phone just for personal life, it’s a good idea to make calls from your laptop or desktop.

    How to make phone calls from computer: Super Guide

    Can you make a call from your computer?

    Yes, of course, you can make calls from your computer using an internet connection to anywhere in the world

    How to make phone calls with laptop?

    There are a few simple ways to call someone from your computer or laptop, from video conferencing software to messaging apps like Slack. For this guide, however, we will focus on calls to mobile or landline numbers made from your Windows or macOS (and receiving calls as well).

    1 – The necessary equipment

    You will need a computer, obviously. However, it doesn’t matter if you use Windows or macOS, a laptop or desktop. If you use a Mac and an iPhone, you know that the two devices talk to each other well, but there are some other interesting options.
    You can make calls together with your computer’s microphone and speakers, but it’s always not the simplest experience – because everyone in your house is going to be ready to hear what’s being said. The advantages of using a headset with a microphone are that your calls will sound better, as well as offering more privacy.
    How to make phone calls from computer: Super Guide
    Any headset will do for phone calls. You can buy such a headset through Amazon, for example. If you want something sophisticated, there is a series of headphones for gamers. Or even a pair of Apple AirPods.
    For the best results, however, it is better to opt for a wired product, be it USB or those with the traditional 3.5mm plug. This is not to say that Bluetooth will not work well, but things may become more unpredictable.
    It is a good idea to make sure your headset is working properly before making important calls. In Windows, open the Start menu, click the settings button (or the gear icon) and choose System and Sound. You can look there if you have chosen the right input and output for the selected devices, change the volume levels and test your microphone. Click on the App volume and device preferences if you want the volume of your calling app to be different from the volume of other software on your system.
    How to make phone calls from computer: Super Guide
    If you’re using a macOS, open the Apple menu in the upper left corner, then select System Preferences. Click on Sound and on the Output and Input tabs to choose your headset, check the volumes and even adjust the sound balance. Pay close attention to the volume level of the microphone, because you don’t want to deafen people when you speak.
    None of this is often difficult and it’s worth checking your settings in Advance, instead of trying to regulate during a call. To be absolutely sure that everything is working correctly, you can always do a recording test using the Voice Recorder application on Windows and QuickTime Player on macOS.

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    2 – The software you need

    You have many options for making phone calls. If you have a Mac and an iPhone with the same AppleID, just open FaceTime on macOS. You can make an audio call to any number in the FaceTime desktop app using the iPhone as a bridge – just enter the number and click on Audio (or simply choose a contact name).
    If you’re on Windows, the Your Phone app, which is now part of the Microsoft operating system, can make calls via a linked Android phone. Works as well as the macOS and iPhone duo.
    Open the app from the Start menu, go to the Calls tab and follow the instructions (you will also need to have this app on your Android phone ).

    How to call via Skype?

    How to make phone calls from computer: Super Guide

    If you don’t want to make calls using your phone as a bridge, Skype is a very good option, with desktop apps for Windows and macOS.
    Click here to see prices for calls to cell phones and landlines; Various subscription options are available, and you receive 60 minutes of calls per month if you are an Office 365 subscriber. Just tap the number you want to call in the app (in the program settings you can define a Caller ID).

    Alternative: Keku

    The Keku is similar to Skype, but runs within the web browser – you can choose any phone number to make a call and set up your Caller ID.  A nice option for this service is telephone recording (also available on Skype).


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