How to Edit NPC Application 2023 / How to resume NPC Application

Numerous individuals attempt to restart or resolve the National Population Commission census recruitment; however, when they enter their application code and click RESUME APPLICATION, the recruitment status indicates that their application code is invalid and asks them to try another access code.

How to edit NPC Application 2023? many people want to know the way they will follow to edit their NPC Application, the truth is that NPC doesn’t allow you to edit anything after you submit your application. You can only resume NPC Applications not edit them. (How to Edit NPC Application 2023).

Application Guidelines for NPC Recruitment: Resolve Your Issues The easiest option to resolve your NPC census Recruitment Application is to follow the instructions in order to resume your recruitment for the NPC census.

First thing you have to do is visit the NPC recruitment portal, NPC portal you can log in using the link below.

The application window will appear in the middle of the screen when you resume, where you can enter your NPC application code or National identification Number (NIN) and click on RESUME APPLICATION, ( How to Edit NPC Application 2023 ).

How to Edit NPC Application
How to Edit NPC Application

Then you will click on start Application and click Resume previous application in the drop-down bottom which is shown.

The new page will then show once you launch the new application, and you can then continue using it.


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