How to clean mouse pad – Guide

How to clean mouse pad – Guide

Cleaning the mouse pad is part of that circle of operations that are overlooked by most users.

Yet this surface is not only subject to dust but is in constant contact with our wrist.

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How to clean mouse pad

As it happens with cleaning the keyboard, in this case too we are dealing with an object of continuous use, potentially subjected to considerable work stress.

Dust, hair and especially sweat can make the surface unclean and therefore, in addition to a hygiene problem, can limit the functionality of the mouse.

    In this short guide Titled “How to clean mouse pad”, we will reveal some practical tips for intervening on the mouse pad, in order to keep the surface clean and therefore make the most of the smoothness of the mouse.

    Best way to clean a mousepad.

    Cleaning the mouse pad: an operation not to be underestimated

    Beyond the choice of the mouse, dealing with a sliding surface on which to use the peripheral is essential.

    Whether the user is struggling with their office work or gaming, the pointer must always be responsive.

    Even if there are mats for gaming mice and/or with particular characteristics, cleaning remains the basis to get the best out of them.

    Below, we will analyze “best way to clean a mousepad” and some of the habits to be assimilated to ensure maximum cleaning with minimum effort on this surface.

    how to clean mouse pad, how to clean a mousepad , how to clean laptop touchpad, best way to clean a mousepad, how to clean hyperx mouse pad

    How to clean a mousepad?

    Let’s analyze the fabric

    Before cleaning the mouse pad, it is good to understand what materials it is made of.

     For convenience, we will divide the mousepads into two macro-categories.

    Rubber or neoprene products usually have a smoother surface with a plastic feel to the touch.

    The “rubberized” effect favours the sliding of the pointing device which can generally be managed with fewer movements.

    The main alternative is fabric mats, which generally offer greater grip.

    For all intents and purposes, there is no solution that prevails in absolute terms: it is a subjective choice, tied to the preferences of each individual user.

    The actual cleaning operations.

    The “best way to clean a mousepad”, Once the fabric that makes up the surface has been checked, cleaning can be carried out.

    In the first case, that is with “plastic” mousepads, the operation is generally much simpler.

    In fact, just use a damp cloth and, in most cases, it is possible to obtain more than appreciable results.

    Cleaning the fabric mousepads instead, due to the texture of the surface, requires a little more attention.

    In this sense, you can use the sink in your bathroom (or alternatively a container), where you can collect hot water.

    Once a sufficient amount of water has been accumulated, a little common hand soap can be added, dissolving the product thanks to its high temperature.

    Before proceeding, it is necessary to verify that the water is warm or lukewarm but not very hot.

    Contacting the mouse pad with too hot a liquid could damage the structure of the product causing detachments.

    At this point you can immerse the mouse pad, making sure that it remains below the water level for a few minutes.

    In this way, the dirt accumulated on the surface fabric should gradually detach from it.

    If the surface is particularly coarse, it may be necessary to intervene manually, gently rubbing the surface with your hands.

    Rinse and dry.

    The next step when cleaning the mouse pad is rinsing.

    In the bowl or sink, if the mat is particularly dirty, the water should be slightly dirty.

    Now it’s time to wash the mouse pad, using lukewarm running water.

    This serves not only to give a last cleaning to the surface but also to eliminate the residual traces of soap.

    Once this phase is also completed, we just have to dry the mat.

    In this sense, the alternatives are mainly two: for those in a hurry, you can use any hairdryer; for those in no particular hurry, you can simply spread the mouse pad like any piece of clothing.

    In the first case, it should be remembered that this appliance must not emit too hot air since this could have deleterious effects on the structure of the object just washed.

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    The low cost of mouse pads can be misleading: in reality, it is a much more useful object than you might think.

     To have optimal performance when moving the pointer, however, it is essential to periodically perform cleaning operations.

    Beyond the practices listed in this article “how to clean a mousepad”, however, we recommend choosing a quality product in advance, with a valid fabric (be it rubberized or fabric).

    First choice materials, in addition to making the use of the mouse better, also allow to clean this object more effectively.

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