How to change status bar icons on android – Android Basics – Add, remove, or move switches in the notification bar

How to change status bar icons on android

At the top of the screen of each Android device is the notification bar. Dragging it down,

in addition to the pending alerts, we’ll see some switches we can use to quickly activate various features such as Wi-Fi.

Today we will look at how we can move, add or remove these switches to make the bar exactly as we want.

How to change status bar icons on android

Android is designed to deliver one of our favourite switches in one go. So dragging the bar down once will see six of them.

If we drag once more we will see three more, and there are more switches on the adjacent tabs.

The whole point of this story is to be able to quickly turn on some features without looking for them in the “Settings” of the device, but if we don’t bother to put them all in order, the essence of that bar is lost.


How to change status bar icons on android

How to change notification bar in android

How to change my notification bar

Pro Tip:
Holding down a switch takes us to the full menu of settings.

Add, remove and move switches
So we drag the bar down twice (or once with two fingers) and select the “pencil” icon to edit our switches.

To remove a switch we don’t need, we hold it down and drag it below the line that says “Drag here to remove”.

Below the line, we will see other inactive switches, which we can bring in the same way at the top to turn them on if we need them.

After removing those who do not serve us, we can now choose our six loved ones and put them in the same order we want.

The goal is to have the six most useful on the bar and the other three on the first tab. For example, my series is as follows …

– Wi-Fi
– Data
– Bluetooth
– Do not disturb
– Lens

… while the next three appearing on the same tab are:

– Flight mode
– Night lighting
– Battery saving

The switches are there to serve us, and it’s a shame to look for the ones we need the most, simply because we don’t bother to mix them up a bit. So put them in a row to make using the smartphone even easier.


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