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    Do You Already Know These PS4 Features?

    The PlayStation 4 is one of the most popular consoles in gaming history. But only a few users know that some hidden features are hidden in the hardware.

    We’ll tell you what features you should know to become a PlayStation 4 expert. In the video, we already tell you how to download games even when the PS4 is idle.

    how to connect ps4 controller, how to use ps4 controller on pc
    Although the PlayStation 4 has been around for a few years and the successor console is already buzzing around in the minds of many gamers, Sony’s hardware remains a point of contact for consoles.

    Right now the PS4 has an enormous game catalogue, great exclusive titles and many features that make it particularly comfortable for gamers to play.

    But despite a long time on the market, there are still PS4 features that only die-hard gamers know. We, therefore, tell you the most useful functions of the PS4, which are hidden deep in the console and in the controller.

    Dim lightbar and save controller battery

    how to connect ps4 controller, how to use ps4 controller on pc

    Picture: Sony

    The light bar at the top of the controller can be dimmed.

    How to connect ps4 controller.

    Actually, the PS4 controller’s lightbar should become a big feature of the console. Not only should the different users differ at a glance.

    No, the atmosphere should also spray the light and in some places even be integrated into the gameplay.

    Almost seven years later, one thing is certain: only a few games have really used the potential of the PS4 Lightbar.

    All the more annoying that the light also loads the battery of the PS4 controller. The highlight: Here, users can touch up and dim the light themselves.

    Simply hold down the PS button in the middle of the controller until a menu appears. There, select “Adjust sound and devices” and then ” Brightness of the Dualshock 4 Lightbar“.

    Here you have the choice between standard, the brightest level, a medium variant and the dimmed option for the PlayStation light.

    Of course, the latter saves the most battery power but should lead to limited experiences with a few games that want to use this feature. If you want the best of both worlds, we recommend the middle setting.

    Save “PS Plus” games without download

    In the early days of PlayStation 4, “PS Plus” was a little “horror” for the console hard drive.

    At that time, four games were still available each month, which had to be downloaded in order to anchor them in the account in the long term and reactivate them later.

    Fortunately, these times are over, which only very few users should know.

    Today it is enough to simply select the “PS Plus” games in the PlayStation Store and click on “Add Library“.

    A direct download afterwards is not necessary. The “PS Plus” games can then be found in the library and – if a “PS Plus” subscription is still activated – can be dragged onto the hard drive at any time.

    Continue playing immediately after standby.

    how to connect ps4 controller, how to use ps4 controller on pc
    Photo: Arne/DPA
    The PS4 can be brought from standby to continue gaming.

    Normally, the PlayStation 4 will close all applications when the standby mode is started.

    But if you want to continue playing after a short break, you can do a little magic in the options.

    Because under “Settings” – “Energy-saving settings” and finally “Set functions available in idle mode” there are three useful features.

    With “Power supply of the USB ports” you can set whether they are supplied with power in standby and can be used to charge controllers, for example. “Stay connected to the Internet” allows updates to be drawn even in standby.

    Finally, if you deactivate it, “Stop applications” will finally bring the desired result of being able to continue playing immediately after standby. Of course, this can only really be used for single-player games.

    Start PlayStation 4 and the TV at the push of a button If you can’t wait to get started on the PS4 after a long day, you can save some time.

    Namely, when the console and the TV are started together. This can be found in the menu of the PlayStation 4 under “System”.

    Activate the “Activate HDMI device connection” function there and the TV should also wake up from your sleep by pressing the PS button on the controller of the PS4.

    However, your device may not be suitable for this feature due to lack of function or old age.

    Get hidden PS4 trophies easier

    how to connect ps4 controller, how to use ps4 controller on pc
    Image: PlayStation
    Some trophies are hidden but can be uncovered with a trick.

    Trophy hunters on PS4 are familiar with the problem: until the platinum trophy, there is only one single solved challenge.

    But unfortunately, this is hidden behind the menu of the PS4. Because some trophies are veiled so as not to spoil sensitive storey moments or to offer the players an additional challenge.

    But here you can take a little detour to get a glimpse behind the scenes.

    Simply navigate to the corresponding hidden trophy and then press the square button on the PlayStation 4 controller.

    A menu already appears in which the trophy is described in more detail. If the small note below the PS4 trophy is not enough, you can press the Options button in the overview and then use the “Find the Internet” link to find more information about the network.


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