Helpful Tips: Buying My Next Smartphone

How do I decide what phone to buy?

Helpful Tips: Buying My Next Smartphone

How do I decide what phone to buy?, Best smart phones to buy

Are you a first-time cell phone buyer?

How do I decide what phone to buy?

Here are some personal tips to help us choose our Best smartphones to buy.

Buying a mobile phone is an easy task for some and a difficult one for others. Mobile is an essential part of our daily lives and is just as necessary and useful. So our selection should be based on some criteria so that we will not regret it later.

So below are some personal tips to help us choose our new device.

– What use do we want to make with our mobile?

The mistake most of the people make is thinking “What do I want now?” as an end in 6 months the mobile and its capabilities aren’t enough. So the right questions are.

– Will I need it in 6 months?

– Do I want it as a simple phone?

– I want to be able to get a good quality photo?

– I need to be able to install new business applications without having to worry about it, will my cellphone endure them? “.

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1) Simple Use

When we say simply to use we mean ‘simply to use’. This means making phone calls, messaging, simple internet browsing, and checking e-mails.

Clearly, with this phone you can’t use apps like Viber or expect miracles from GPS or take awesome photos or the phone won’t hang.

The criterion here is clearly cost. Such a phone is a low cost and you can find decent devices from $65. I would recommend avoiding devices that have 1 GB of RAM.

2) Professional Use

Professional use means that we have a device that will be part of our business.

In addition to using it as a phone, we can create files, create presentations, create drawings, mock-ups and go by saying as well as pretty good GPS.

Professional use is the use in which the user should download applications in which he/she works and when outside the office.

We are not talking about reading e-mails and searching the internet. The latter is classified according to simple use and moderate use.

– Processor: 4-core and above, 3GB of RAM, (at least)
– Display: 5 “and above
– Capacity: 64 Gb

3) Gaming Usage

And here we come to another category of users, gamers. Of course, we are not talking about those who they want to play Candy Crush, but for users who play games that require good graphics, fast processor, good screen and physically large battery capacity.

Preferred Features:

– Processor: 8-core and above, 3GB or more of RAM (depending on games)

– Display: 5.5 “and above. Ideal resolution 1440×2560

– Battery: 3500 mAh and above

 4) Social Media – Camera

 With social media to be an integral part Many of us nowadays want users who want a device that will keep them “connected.” What should this cellphone have above all? Good camera! And of course a good selfie camera.

The fact that a cell phone can have a good main camera does not mean that its front camera is as good. So if you just want to take pictures of landscapes, moments, others, animals and so on you can mainly focus on the main camera of the mobile.

But if you love selfies then you should also base on the front camera.

Note that not only MPs but also the lens and aperture play a role in the camera. This ‘f’ something you see many times. The smaller the ratio, the better.

For example, one with a 13MP camera and f1.8 aperture is better than another with a 15MP camera and f2.2 aperture.

Featured Features:
– Processor: 4-core, 2GB of RAM or more

– Display: 5 “or higher

– Camera: at least 20 MP rear camera (dual) and 12 MP selfie (with small aperture)

– Capacity: 64 GB or more

Things To See While Buying a Smartphone.

– How much money do I need or Required?

With the rise of technology, one can find a good mobile at a good price. the market there are devices for all tastes and all purses and pockets.

A good cellphone can now cost between $216 and $432, while a very simple cellphone can cost under $108. Mobile phones from $539 and up are meant to be considered flagship brands.

– Which brand should I choose?

The truth is that Samsung and Apple have taken such a large share of the advertising pie that there is a lot of people who either know only these two companies or think the others are too inferior and snobbish with the result of paying a device many times over. which at another company is much cheaper.

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Are these 2 worth alone? No. There are several reputable companies in the market. Huawei is the world’s third-largest salesman.

Xiaomi is a relatively new power with incredible features in terms of cost, and so is Meizu. LG is a trusted company.

Lenovo has made a dynamic entrance as well, and of course, Sony can’t stand aside with a lot of devices.

Each one has its good and its bad. The user should select a mobile based on the features, performance of the device.

– Which functional one to choose?

The functional, the basic, for the time being, are two: Android and iOS. Android is the OS that most devices have.

It’s easy to transfer data to and from the computer and of course, has more free applications.

On the other hand, there is the iOS we see on Apple devices only. IOS provides more security in many areas, it’s fast, easy to use but don’t forget we only find it on devices over $553.

You should choose the one that you find most easy and useful.

– Mobile categories

For starters, mobile phones are divided into 3 categories: low-end (it’s the simple use we said and now their prices are up to $166), mid-range (this category includes mobile phones from $166/$221 to $497) and of course the flagship, the pride as we say each company starting from $608 – $663.

The mid-range category is pretty misunderstood is the truth. Now you can find a very good mobile at a very low price which makes “popes”.

You can find a mobile phone for both business and gaming use as these 2 categories are the ones that should make the most money.

Beyond that, with regard to flagship brands, it goes without saying that we are talking about the TOP handsets of every category that are lagging behind.

The ones next to each feature match the word excellent.

However, most of the time they are mobile phones which most of them use half of their potential, giving twice the money without being able to spend most of the time.
My advice is to always choose devices with the features that will satisfy you without giving extra money or staying in the brand and brand more.

And of course, always do market research, have alternatives, and read reviews of the devices you’re interested in!

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