Step By Step Guide How to buy Safemoon Token Easily 2021

We always get questions about how to buy safemoon token, that’s why we wrote this tutorial, we let you know that we are not sure that this token has a good investment, but we know that Such assets are very risky to invest, so do some serious research before investing your money.

if you intend to buy this safemoon token, then buy what if at a loss you will not be shaken, I mean buy what you can afford to lose.

In today’s tutorial, we will explain in detail how to buy safemoon token with your smartphones easily, on android as well as iPhone, of course, there are many ways to invest in safemoon without a phone, but many people would like to read this tutorial on how to buy on their smartphones directly.

Step by step on how to Buy Safemoon Token.

What is required to purchase a safemoon token?

  • Smartphone.
  • Binance Account (if you don’t have signup here).
  • Binance coin on Trust wallet (follow on below instruction).

Pls, follow the guide carefully, it’s easy.

Step By Step Guide to buy safemoon token

  • Download Trust wallet on your Smartphone, install the wallet, make sure you have saved the key phrases of your wallet.
Step By Step Guide How to buy Safemoon Token Easily 2021
  • Make sure you have a Binance coin, then open the Binance withdraw page.
  • Now open the trust wallet and click smart chain then receive, then copy the wallet address.
  • Go to Binance wallet again, (Send the bnb to your trust wallet), So paste the BNB address you copy from the trust wallet at the Recipient’s BNB Address.
  • After Send The bnb coin, Allow for 30min to credited on your trust wallet balance.
  • After the bnb coin successfully received on your trust wallet, Click on DApps, you will find it at the below menu of your trust wallet.
  • Something like browser will open, Look for Pancakeswap and click on it.
  • After Pancakeswap opened, click on Connect, it will connect you with your trust wallet address, but some times its connected automatically.
Step By Step Guide How to buy Safemoon Token Easily 2021
  • After successfully connected, click on the gear icon (you will see Slippage tolerance) and type 11%
  • Now in Option1, type the total number of bnb you want to swap for safemoon token.
  • In Option2, click to select currency the search for safemoon or paste this 0x8076c74c5e3f5852037f31ff0093eeb8c8add8d3 safemoon will appear, choose it.
  • Click on swap, DONE

You have successfully bought safemoon token.


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