Galaxy Fold Lite 4G: the new cheap Samsung fold for $1099

Galaxy Fold Lite 4G: the new cheap Samsung fold for $1099

Although there are still several months to the formalization of the new Samsung fold, the rumours about the new Galaxy Fold are becoming more numerous.

Until now it was known that the follow-up to the Galaxy Fold was codenamed Win2 or Winner2.

However, according to new information that emerged via Twitter, the code name Winner2 could correspond to a new Galaxy Fold Lite 4G instead of a real Galaxy Fold 2.

It seems that this year Samsung wants to formalize three new foldable: Galaxy Fold 2, which should support the S Pen and Ulta Thin Glass, and two other more “cheap” folding ones with a plastic OLED screen. One of these cheaper models seems to be the “Galaxy Fold Lite”.

Galaxy Fold Lite 4G 256GB storage Mirror Black, Mirror Purple Display has no UTG

Galaxy Fold Lite 4G: the new inexpensive Samsung fold

It is the known, and reliable leaker, Max Weinbach to publish on Twitter the news that the codename Winner2 refers to the Galaxy Fold Lite, also communicating different technical details of the device.

The Galaxy Fold Lite will be a device with 4G connectivity, 256 GB of integrated memory and a Snapdragon 865 as SoC.

The Galaxy Fold Lite 4G will go on the market at a price of $ 1,099. The device will consist of a mix of different hardware components from the years 2018, 2019 and 2020. The display will not be Ultra-Thin Glass.

I have some info on the Galaxy Fold Lite.

-Galaxy Fold Lite 4G
-256GB storage
-Mirror Black, Mirror Purple
-Display has no UTG
-Will be equipped with a mix of 2018/19/20 parts
-outside will probably have a smaller display (not like on Fold, but more like the Z Flip)

— Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach) May 12, 2020

Samsung seems to be building this phone using aluminium and glass and providing it with a considerably smaller external display than that of the Galaxy Fold and more similar to that of the Galaxy Z Flip.

Colour options may include mirror black and mirror purple. We are unable to confirm right now if this rumour is correct, but assuming it is true, would you be interested in this so-called Galaxy Fold Lite 4G? The price of $ 1,099 is certainly not an economic figure, but if we consider the fold niche it is certainly an attractive figure.


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