Free cloud storage Degoo: Save your files on Degoo with 100 GB of free storage

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Online cloud storage free

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Free online cloud storage up to 100gb for free.
Degoo: Save your files on Degoo with 100 GB of free storage

Degoo is an amazing online data storage service providing 100 GB of free secure cloud backup which can increase by several GB if you link to other accounts such as Google Drive or via invitation method. Choose what you want to back up, such as your photos or documents, and thanks to advanced encryption algorithms your backups are securely stored in the cloud and protected forever.

The application encrypts all your data using military-level encryption before loading it into the cloud and saves triple copies of each file to ensure that it is always there whenever you need it.

If you need more than 100 GB !! you can upgrade your free account to one of the app’s affordable premium accounts. It should also be noted that in addition to the ability to store your data it also provides you with the ability to safely upload large files.


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