Flight Simulator 2020 in preview with System requirements

Flight Simulator 2020 in preview with System requirements.

The king of flight simulators returns. From sports planes to private jets and Boing 737s to the full-blown Airbus A380, no other has so much to offer in this enormous quality. Including real-time weather, 40,000 airports and many dangers due to storms, lightning and severe weather.

    Flight Simulator 2020 in preview with System requirements
    Kings of the skies: The Flight Simulator X came in 2006, fans had to wait a full 14 years and now it should finally be the time in 2020, and everyone is there: from the Boing 737 to Airbus jumbos to the XO CJ4 Lear Jet.

    Flight Simulator 2020 in preview.

    Hach, the flight simulator is back. At last. It was a long day. You come home, it’s cold outside. The door closed, shoes off, coffee machine on, in the comfortable armchair, boot up the PC – click – click – we can see the asphalt that means the world and take off in a small Cessna. Or a luxurious XO CJ4. Or a thick Airbus A380. They take off from provincial airports that are difficult to find even on a digital map. And big cities. As soon as you are in the air, you can switch the perspective from the cockpit, surrounded by dials, dial indicators and instruments, to the third-person perspective and at the latest here, this Flight Simulator 2020 simply blows us away. With its graphic splendour and attention to detail.

    Flight Simulator 2020 in preview with System requirements
    The engine is based on a streaming solution via Microsoft’s Azure servers: the stronger your internet, the higher the resolution of the cities whose GPS data comes from Bing Maps.

    The most dangerous airports in the world and the most beautiful approaches 

    Now many simulator fans will ask themselves: Is this flight simulator just a pastime and easy flying? Oooh no. Flight Simulator 2020 offers something for everyone, at least according to our first impression. Also for break pilots and adventure hunters who are looking for that special kick. We’re thinking of that takeoff from one of the most dangerous airports in the world, somewhere in nowhere in Nepal. Our little Cessna dares to take a little awe at the absurdly short runway here.

    Its end is approaching faster than we can pull the joystick up, but we have problems getting enough buoyancy and blowing our noses fast enough. As soon as we succeed, however, we will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the depths of the Himalayan valley. Breathtaking is probably the right word for these scenes, that we can experience. Games are our life and yet it feels a bit magical because everything looks like we’re really on a plane.

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    20 minutes later we fly over Hudson Bay from New York City, shortly before we make a stop in Munich, the home of PC Welt and IDG Germany. Shortly afterwards we are over the Sahara, where there is simply emptiness – emptiness, sand, here and there a camel or range rover that dashes through the dunes. That looks incredibly good in 4K HDR, but will also require a monster from a PC. Flight Simulator 2020 is likely to be one of those games that will fill a whole winter. Or even a whole year, after all, the entire world is travelable. We can go wherever we always wanted to but didn’t dare to do it physically: the Himalayas, for example, or the royal mountain range of Mount Fuji in Japan.

    Flight Simulator 2020 in preview with System requirements
    This view from the light aircraft Icon A5 on Manhattan is simply fun. It feels like you’re really flying over New York City.

    And there is a special mode for this world strolling – you fly, type anywhere on a 3D globe and are instantly transferred. This works because this plant generates its world using satellite data that comes from Bing Maps. But they don’t just fly over a flat texture: the engine records this map data and then intelligently fills it with trees, water, buildings and even small details such as traffic on the streets. The altitude is also reproduced exactly, which leads to high mountain ranges and yawning valleys. All over the world, there are white dots that represent 40,000 real airports: JFK, London Heathrow, LAX, Charles De Gaulle, but also without end stations that you would not have on your radar – provincial airports, private airfields for jets.

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    Turn the globe, tap it with your finger and you’re there

    Were you one of those children who had a globe, turned it and pointed a finger at any point, just to discover the world? Here it goes out of the cockpit in the most realistic world simulation that has ever existed. You also have precise control over the weather and time of day. So if you want to cross the Atlantic during a thunderstorm, fly over Seoul at night or glide along the Alps at sunset, you only have to adjust a few sliders. Interesting for meteorology fans: You can use live weather data, which means that it also rains in the game if it rains in real life in Hamburg. And snowing in New York as violently as when the author typed these lines. The weather simulation also contributes to realism,

    Flight Simulator 2020 in preview with System requirements
    If you are a pilot, please tell us whether the instruments are reproduced 100 per cent authentically. Hardcore Sim fans get all telemetry data, altimeters and avionics here.

    In addition, the foresight is enormously high: You can see a whopping 600 kilometres, so you see storms much earlier before they fly into them. When trapped in one of them, lightning strikes the dark, volumetric clouds around your plane, which is just as nerve-wracking as it sounds. Simulation can be pretty monotonous and lifeless, and it is not uncommon for developers to confuse realism with poor graphics in recent decades. We are thinking of some military flight simulations. But not here, especially the animation of the clouds is something that the French developers are proud of. They are colossal, voluminous, three-dimensional figures that refract and capture the light, swell in the dark when the rain picks up,

    Flight Simulator 2020 in preview with System requirements

    It is these details that make the Microsoft Flight Simulator jump straight into our Most Wanted List for 2020. Sure, we have to spend more time evaluating it, but Asobo Studios and Microsoft deliver what hardcore Sim fans want: Fully licensed aircraft models (we do not yet know how many, there could be a weak point here), with individually designed cockpits, realistic aerodynamics, simulated and calculated on real-time live data. There is a lot to consider: fuel consumption, thermal updrafts. Load capacity for cargo machines. The game not only wants to emulate the cold, mathematical reality of flying but also the drama and romance. It stages flying as an experience, perhaps the last magic that has remained in this high-tech era.

    Flight Simulator 2020 in preview with System requirements
    So far, only a few cooperation partners have been revealed, including, of course, all common Boing and Airbus models, Textron Aviation, Robin Aircraft, ICON Aircraft, therefore and CubCrafters.

    Flight Simulator 2020 system requirements

    Flight Simulator 2020: Microsoft reveals system requirements.

    Microsoft has revealed the system requirements for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Is your PC fit for the game?

    Flight simulation fans can expect a real treat with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator this year, which will score both in terms of scope and graphics. What we have seen so far from Flight Simulator 2020 has already convinced us. This naturally raises the important question of which hardware must be in the PC in order to be able to enjoy the game with as many details as possible. Microsoft has now answered this question and revealed the minimum, recommended and ideal system requirements for the Flight Simulator 2020.

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    In general, the following applies: At least Windows 10 with the status of November 2019 Update (Windows 10 version 1909) must be installed on the computer. In addition, at least 150 gigabytes of free hard disk space should be available on the computer. Ideally, the game should be played on an SSD so that the data can be loaded faster.

    Flight Simulator 2020: minimal requirements

    • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 / Intel Core i5-4460
    • GPU: AMD Radeon RX 570 / Nvidia GTX 770
    • VRAM: 2 gigabytes
    • RAM: 8 gigabytes
    • Hard disk: 150 gigabytes of HDD
    • Internet bandwidth: 5 megabits /s

    Flight Simulator 2020: Recommended system

    • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1500X / Intel Core i5-8400
    • GPU: AMD Radeon RX 590 / Nvidia GTX 970
    • VRAM: 4 gigabytes
    • RAM: 16 gigabytes
    • Hard disk: 150 gigabytes of HDD
    • Internet bandwidth: 20 megabits /s

    Flight Simulator 2020: an ideal system

    • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 2700X / Intel Core i7-9800X
    • GPU: AMD Radeon VII / Nvidia RTX 2080
    • VRAM: 8 gigabytes
    • RAM: 32 gigabytes
    • Hard drive: 150 gigabyte SSD
    • Internet bandwidth: 50 megabits /s


    If you fly over the New York skyline as the sun sets beneath the horizon and cast a golden glow over the city, or soar over Tokyo at night, this seemingly endless sea of lights and colours, you understand why mankind is flying loves so much. Flight simulators cannot be judged after a session, it has to be shown whether the avionics of each individual pattern is perfectly implemented. 
    It is also still unclear whether military jets can make it into the fleet and how many models per manufacturer. But the photo-realism with which Flight Simulator 2020 captures the world among itself – landscapes, forests, villages, metropolises – and combined with live weather data is simply a pleasure.

    The first Image belongs to Microsoft.

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