Final Notes on the Academic CV: Make corrections to your CV


1. The academic CV has no place for your high school and elementary school.

2. Take off colors and graphics from the academic CV. It is not supposed to be an artistic presentation.

3. Your age, date of birth, gender, health, religion, number of children, traditional titles, and hobbies have no place in the academic CV. Take it off now.

4. Adding a heading that summarizes your desired position, your experience, and your abilities and skills is a great way to present yourself competitively on the CV. See the attached sample.

5. The education part of the CV must show the title of the degree you hold, the year of award, the institution that awarded it, your CGPA, the terminal work you did there (project, thesis), and your supervisor.

6. Referees “available on request’ is not an academic CV style. Add your references to your academic CV. State the relationship you have with them and their official email.

7. The header of the academic CV is not ‘Curriculum Vitae,” but your name boldly written, beginning from your first name, not SURNAME.

8. Enter your experiences in past action verbs.

I conducted XYZ.

I researched into ABC

taught PQR subjects

9. If you have publications, you are only to list the publications that relate to the position you are applying to. The standard is to list just two or three.

10. If you are pursuing a GRA or GTA position, your experience and skills components of the CV should be very prominent.

For experience, break into

Research Experience

Teaching Experience

Professional Experience


The skills components must have computational, statistical, discipline bias, and writing skills.

Use this sample to draft a strong academic CV.


Source: Schoolguide


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