Dear Enumerator, Submit your bank details to the NPC Portal

Regards to the date announced by the National Population Commission NPC, it is our pleasure to share with you a link address on how to check your

Moreover, the National Population Commission announced that there are 623,797 enumerators, 125,944 supervisors, 24,001 data quality assistants, 12,000 field coordinators, 1,000 data quality managers, 1639 training centre administrators, and 59,000 LGA-level facilitators. Thank you for staying with us at ng for more information regarding the recruitment.

How to Recheck Your Application Status

Noted: The only browser that will allow you to is Phoenix browser

Below are the step-by-step method to Recheck Your Application Status

i. Step 1: Click on the link address you can copy the link address and paste it into the Phoenix Browser

ii. Step 2: Press on Check “Application Status

iii. Step 3: “Enter Your Application Code” or NIN Number in the space provided

iv. Step 4: Press on “PROCEED” give some minutes to load due to network

v. Step 5: Checkout “Application Status: which among Pending or Approved

vi. Step 6: if Application Status was “Approved” press on Submit Bank Details

vii. Step 7: Enter your Account Number, Select Account Type & Select Bank Name.


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