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As the UAE prepares to host COP28, the largest environment-focused event, it is necessary for the youth perspective to be well represented. We are excited to bring to you the conference of youth in its 18th version (COY18) – a conference designed to capture the youth voice, by youth, in a bigger and better way than ever before. But we cannot do it without your help. To deliver the best version of COY yet we require your assistance in programming, logistics, media, and much more.

COY18 is a designed to be organized using a flat team structure – everyone’s opinions are equally valued and considered. But to ensure smooth communication – we encourage youth with more leadership experience to apply for the role of coordinators. Coordinators are responsible for facilitating communication between volunteers, coordinating tasks amongst their team, and communicating progress with rest of the COY18 organizers.

To ensure we offer you a role that is aligned with your skills and interests, we need to get to know you a little bit. Hence please fill this application form (30-40 min). 

For Country Contact Points (CCPs): There will be 2 CCPs per country. In case of those countries which have an accepted LCOY, one of the CCPs will be nominated by the LCOY Organising Team. The other CCP will be selected from this form.

For those countries with no LCOY, both the CCPs will be selected through this form only.

Privacy Disclaimer: No information will be disclosed to anyone outside the selection committee without your prior consent. All of the information that you share with us through this form will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used for the following purposes: 

(1) Determine eligibility for participating as a volunteer in COY18

(2) Improving and enhancing COY18 capabilities to accommodate volunteer needs

Your application will be

processed in 8 days. If you don’t hear from us in that period, your

application did not make it to the next stage.

**Volunteering for COY18 does not guarantee you a spot at the event in person** 

Deadline to apply: 19th of July 

For further information please check out:  



Arab Youth Center:

American University of Sharjah:

Green House NYUAD: Green House


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