Clean Master: Clean up unwanted files on your computer

Clean Master: Clean up unwanted files on your computer

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Clean Master is one of the best applications for optimization and cleaning and protection of personal data developed for Android devices, but not long ago it was also available for Windows computers.

However, it comes back with a PC version that will improve the performance of your device by clearing junk files, optimizing device memory, giving you complete protection.

With a new look, new features, it can scan and clean up unwanted files over 1000+ programs. Say goodbye to PC Boost delays on your system! With one click, you can stop unnecessary startups, speed up startup time, and intelligently optimize system and network settings.

You can also protect your personal data and remove the records for dangerous browsing with the anti-tracking feature. It consists of 4 different modules, Junk Clean, to Pc Boost, Privacy Clean and Tool.

With Junk Clean, you can clean your computer from junk files which you can even specify by the Real-Time Monitor option until the next time you clean it.

In the same tab in Privacy Cleaner, you can specify the depth of cleaning of your personal data, for example, if you want to start cleaning after you close the Browser and what cleaning elements it will include.

Finally, it is worth mentioning a few words about the Tools option where we can see if we have the latest drivers installed on our devices and download the most recent ones via PC (but note that the download speed in the free version is much slower).

On the next Rescue Center tab, we can back up our guides. In the next Hardware Detection tab, the application analyzes the basics of our computer and scores it. Finally, with Toolkit, we can fix audio or internet problems.

Basic cleaning and optimization functions are free, but features included in the Tools field require the product to be purchased.


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