Betternet: Browse the Web anonymously from your PC or mobile without restriction

Betternet unlimited free VPN proxy for windows 10

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Virtual Private Networks (or VPNs) are secure networks with an encrypted connection between the computers that make up them. Basically, they are computers that are connected to a common network and can “talk” to each other without a third party being able to intercept the communication.

One worrying fact for many VPN providers is that they are in countries that are required by law to have low standards of data security for their clients.

This substantially undermines any claim to provide true privacy and security.

However, this is not the case with this application and the possibilities created are endless. after you can bypass Internet restrictions and unlock all the sites that are blocked for some reason in your area, access censored or government-blocked sites, or even link to them at school or at your workplace.

You can still browse the Web anonymously and prevent websites from being monitored and targeted with annoying ads as Betternet changes your IP so that your internet identity is covered and your internet activity is hidden.

Finally, it helps you protect your personal data from hackers who can scan your computer for your passwords to steal sensitive data. Betternet encrypts your data and guarantees quality when you are connected even to unlocked wifi hotspots.

Most importantly, Betternet is a VPN service that has no usage limits for its services, and users are not required to enter any personal information.

The service does not track any user information and its revenue comes entirely from ads, and claims that it does not collect or store in any way personal browsing information, however, third-party networks providing the ads may use tracking cookies for the tracking of the performance of its ads.

Using the application is simple. After installing the application run it and press connect. If you want to see the security of the application you can log on to any IP information website such as what is my IP address to really see that your real IP is nowhere to be seen.

The application is completely free with no time restrictions, however, the paid version offers more options, such as choosing the country from which our IP will appear.


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