Awaiting the Call: Understanding the NPC’s Training Schedule and Requirements for the 2023 Census

The training date for the Local Government Area (LGA) level, eagerly awaited by the National Population Commission (NPC) Adhoc Staff Enumerators and Supervisors, is yet to be confirmed. This training is essential to prepare these personnel for the 2023 Population and Housing Census Exercise. The last communication from the NPC indicated a potential rescheduling of the training by the new administration under Tinubu. 

While the proposal for the LGA Level Training was accepted by the NPC, they have not yet finalized a new date. To participate in this training, Enumerators and Supervisors must first receive an invitation from the NPC, allowing them to prepare in advance. 

There are certain requirements for those attending the NPC Adhoc Staff Training. Firstly, they must have their National Population Commission (NPC) Registration ID. They will also need to bring their National Identification Number (NIN) Slip. The phone number used during the registration process will be useful, and it’s important not to forget the original certificates that were uploaded during registration. 

Conclusion, although the NPC has agreed to the LGA Level Training, the date is still undecided. It’s crucial for Enumerators and Supervisors to be aware of the requirements for this training, and to wait for an official invitation from the NPC before making preparations.


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