Amazon fire tv stick settings: step-by-step Setup Your Amazon Fire TV Device + Tips

Amazon fire tv stick settings: How to set up and use your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    Amazon fire tv stick settings

    Amazon fire tv stick settings.

    The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an excellent and affordable streaming device for beginners.

    This guide will help you set up and start using your Amazon Fire Stick with zero stress,

    The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the cheapest streaming device created by the online retailer.

    It will allow you to watch all Amazon movies and TV shows, as well as using apps like Netflix, HBO Now and Hulu.

    Here is the guide from start to finish to help you set up your Amazon Fire TV Stick, find out what you can do with it, and troubleshoot common Fire TV Stick problems.

    The device only costs $ 40 and is an excellent streaming device for beginners, Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote  Streaming Media Player Fogo TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player Buy Now on Amazon $ 39.99.

    Forget about your cable system and learn how to set up Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    The small and elegant device that after connecting it to the HDMI port of your Smart TV, will allow you to access your favourite content online.

    And is that while it is true that Amazon has other streaming devices, the Fire TV Stick is a more comfortable and practical option.

    In any case, below we will tell you how to configure amazon fire tv stick it correctly.

    In fact, if you are familiar with traditional TV Boxes, Roku, Google Chromecast or Apple TV, it will be easy to install.
    In addition, it has an important point in its favour: the integration of Alexa voice search on the remote control.

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    How to configure Amazon Fire TV Stick?

    Amazon fire tv stick settings
    Even if you ever lose your remote, You can set up an amazon fire stick without remote, and you can control this device using Amazon Echo.

    Still, setting up the Amazon Fire TV Stick is not complicated.

    Set up Amazon Fire TV Stick

    However, the device certainly requires more time to operate.

    That is, the Fire TV Stick requires downloading additional software when it is first installed, Let’s see the Easy steps to configure Amazon Fire Stick TV.

    Amazon fire tv stick settings:

    1. Unpack and install the Amazon Fire TV Stick

    When you unpack the product you will find five elements:

    1. Amazon Fire TV Stick
    2. Power adapter
    3. Micro-USB cable
    4. Remote control
    5. HDMI Extension

    You should also make sure you have two AAA batteries for the remote control as they are not included.

    After this, you must insert the micro-USB cable into the wall charger and connect it to the mains.

    Generally, almost all modern TVs have multiple HDMI ports.

    Therefore, connect the Fire TV Stick to one of these ports and see if it says “HDMI 1”, “HDMI 2”, etc.

    The above is important because you will have to select the corresponding HDMI port on the TV. In fact, at this point, you should use the HDMI extension.

    Keep in mind that depending on the design of your Smart TV, the device may block other ports.

    Accordingly, connect the included extender cable to the Amazon Fire TV Stick for better leeway.

    2. Proceed to pair the remote control

    How to use amazon fire stick remote?

    After turning on the TV and selecting the correct HDMI channel, it’s time to start setting up the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    For this, you need to pair the remote control with the device.

    For this, you must keep the remote control very close to the Amazon Fire TV Stick. After this, you must press the start button on the remote control for 10 seconds.

    • Make sure that Alexa Remote is charged with the batteries oriented correctly. Unlike most remote controls, the two batteries face the same direction in this case.
    • Hold the remote control close to the Fire TV Stick (at a distance of five meters).
    • Press and hold the Home button on the remote control for 10 seconds until the Fire TV Stick finds it.

    If you do everything correctly, the remote control will be paired. In addition, you will see a message on the Smart TV screen indicating that you press the Play / Pause button to continue.

    3. Connect the Fire TV Stick to the Internet

    If you don’t have a WiFi connection, don’t worry.

    You can also use the Fire TV Stick since you can use an Ethernet cable to connect to the web.

    In this case, you just have to connect this cable to the micro-USB port of the device to configure a direct connection.

    Also, if you already have an Amazon account, you are ready to start using the Amazon Fire TV Stick.
    Otherwise, you will have to create an account, which you can do separately on a phone.

    Set up Amazon Fire TV Stick to use Alexa

    Once you set up the Fire TV Stick, you can also configure this device to work with Alexa.

    So, to access Alexa you just have to press and hold the ” Voice ” button on the remote control.

    Then you just have to ask the Amazon virtual assistant a question.

    That is, with Alexa you can find specific content, pause playback, advance or restart a selection.

    In case you have more than one Fire TV Stick, then you must enter the Alexa app from your mobile and pair the devices.

    To do this you just have to do the following:

    • Enter the menu and select the “Configuration” option.
    • Then access the “TV and Video” section, then select “Fire TV”.
    • Then just follow the on-screen prompts.
    • Finally, select the “Link Devices” option to confirm the device selection.

    How to watch movies, series and other content on Fire TV Stick?

    Currently, Amazon offers you several levels of content.

    That is, on the one hand, if you have registered your device with an Amazon Prime Video account, you will be shown multiple entertainment options.

    This appears in the ” bundled with Prime ” category.

    Therefore, here you can find any content from the Amazon Original Series, including “The wonderful St. Maisel”, “The man in the castle”, “The great tour”, “Hanna”, among others.

    Also included are sections where you can rent or buy your favourite content.

    You also have the option to install many video applications such as YouTube, Pluto TV, Tubi, Fox Sports, TBS, and even Facebook.

    Of course, you can also install Kodi to watch movies and series online, or the ESPN app to enjoy the best sporting events.

    Amazon’s Fire TV Stick of the first generation was launched in April 2015.

    The third generation and the Fire TV Stick 4K are now on the market.

    We have put together the most important information and apps for the stick and show you how you can get the most out of your Fire TV Stick.

    Amazon Fire TV Stick: control via app & voice input

    You can control your Fire TV Stick not only with the included remote control but also with a smartphone app.

    • There is a free app for Android, iPhone and iPad. Using it has two advantages: You can access content much more easily by tapping it instead of clicking-through it. In addition, the Fire TV Stick can be controlled via the app via voice input.
    • Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa is now also part of the second generation. Unlike the first edition, Amazon puts the remote control with voice input on top of it when you buy the stick.

    Airplay and Chromecast: Transfer smartphone to Fire TV Stick

    With the right app, you can transfer content from your smartphone to your stick.

    • With an app like AirBuddy or AllCast for Fire TV, you can use your Fire TV Stick as an AirPlay receiver.
    • As with Apple TV, you can transfer videos, pictures or music from your iOS device to the Amazon stick. The transfer from the Android smartphone is also possible without any problems.
    Amazon fire tv stick settings

    The best apps for the Fire TV Stick: Netflix, media libraries & Co.

    Your Amazon Fire TV Stick is not just a vehicle for Amazon’s Prime Instant Video streaming service.

    • You can install a variety of Android apps on it. In addition to the well-known VoD service provider Netflix, this also includes the media libraries of public broadcasters such as ZDF and ARD.
    • Also, Spotify, the music video service Vevo, the Live TV App Zattoo and the games streaming portal Twitch offers a suitable app.
    • The YouTube application was not available for a long time. This was deleted from 1.1.2018 due to disagreements between Amazon and Google.
    • The dispute has now been settled. Currently – as of 7/2019 – you can use the YouTube app on the Fire TV Stick 4K and the second generation stick.
    • It should be possible to use the app on the first and third-generation sticks over the next few months.
    • With Silk Browser and Firefox for Fire TV, Amazon has also added two web browsers to the app range with which you can easily access YouTube.


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